Corporate Social Responsibility .

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to the San Marines business strategy and the Company is committed to the following objectives:

Conducting its business with honesty, integrity and fairness.

The Board believes that aligning corporate responsibility linked to business strategy and objectives is key to the Group’s sustainability and success. The Group has implemented a number of policies covering anti-bribery and corruption, business ethics and whistle-blowing which support our approach to corporate responsibility. We require all our people to conduct themselves to the highest level of ethical conduct in their business activities.

We do not permit bribery, illegal or corrupt business practices and we provide a procedure for employees to raise any malpractice concerns in an appropriate forum without fear or recourse. The continual monitoring of the application of these policies demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our business operates in an ethical and responsible manner.

Community Development

Being sensitive to the needs of the immediate society and to try and alleviate social issues and needs in a sensitive, responsible and sustainable manner.

We believe that CSR is a close integration of the community's economic and social aspirations with the Company's business goals and objectives. We are therefore committed to integrate CSR with our business processes for sustainable growth and development. We are committed to help the fishing community and boat crew in and around Kakinada, who are an important part of our contracted manpower for various offshore operations, to uplift their living standards through childrens education, skills development, entrepreneurship development and initiatives for the improvement of the health and hygiene standards of their society.