When you need to deliver your projects off the beaten tracks, in remote villages or forest areas, we can come to your aid by setting up site camps of any size. From land purchase or lease to obtaining local and environmental permits, we take care of all the little details. Our camps are either built of pre-fabricated structures assembled in situ or with porta-cabin clusters. We take care of the site development, land leveling and filling, drainage, lighting, parking bays, drive ways and landscaping. We pay attention to all the little details to ensure that you have a comfortable place to live and work.

We have our site camps designed by specialist architects, complete with:

 Security systems

 Security fencing

 Equipped Laundry

 Entertainment room

 Dining halls

 Equipped kitchens

 Office spaces

 Living spaces

 Store rooms

 Control stations

 Power generators

 Deep bore wells

 Water pumps

 Sewage and garbage clearance services

 24 x 7 security personnel

 Area lighting

 Parking bays and drive ways

 Landscaping

 Fire safety arrangements

 Complete house-keeping, catering and facility management services

Send us your queries to " " or call +91-884-2360206 during office hours and +91-98400 09217 after office hours.